I have been looking for avatar makers and Found one and it looks like this.


link to the page i used

Emoji part 2

I wanted to do maths emoji











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week 5 blog challenge

I have picked to talked about plastic pollution,

It’s something that happens more often then it should, let me explain what plastic pollution is.

It is when there is a bunch plastic everywhere like on the streets or even in the ocean, if it ends up in the water it could harm sea animals. There are so many animals that get hurt each year because of choking on plastic.Photo byย Brian Yurasitsย onย Unsplash

about me!!!

hi im Jada,

i love playing video games like Roblox and Mincraft.
i love dogs I have 2 dogs of my own i have a chihuahua and a jack russell terrier cross.
Im 11 years old my birth day is in feb.
things i enjoy doing is gaming with friends and hanging out with them.

Commenting Week 6


I have picked this order because I believe comments left on posts should have correct spelling (to the best of the best of the posters abilities) and that if a question is asked it should be a question that can be answer if you would like to answer it. Everyone id entitled to their own opinion but you should not force it.

Country of Focus-Cambodia



2.ย  Asia

3.ย  Phnom Phen is the capital city of Cambodia

4.ย  South (east)

5. 16.01 million people live in Cambodia

6. Khmer is the national language of Cambodia

7.ย  Cambodian riel


8. After the fall of Phnom Penh to the communist Khmer Rouge in 1975. they migrated to Australia.

9. Buddhism, which is practiced by approximately 95 percent of the population

10. It shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the west and northwest.